T. (Tim) van Oijen


Studied Mechanical Engineering (bachelor and master) at the Delft University of Technology. He did his master in the field of robotic locomotion. After working for 6 years as a programmer at ORTEC, Tim returned to the Delft University of Technology as a researcher for the ALLEGRO project, in which he focusses on monitoring, visualization and predicting the travel behaviour of large groups of people during gatherings.


Achieving a proper spatial distribution of the crowd is one of the major challenges of people that are responsible for providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at places where a lot of people come together. My goal is to develop decentralized individual supporting tools that collaboratively improve this crowd distribution. A strong focus will be on activity location choice, which is an important aspect when studying active mode behaviour . Part of the research will be conducted by developing simple agent-based strategies and evaluate system performance in simulations. The other part will focus on real applications.

Research themes:

ALLEGRO project
Developing and empirically underpinning comprehensive behavioural theories, conceptual models and mathematical models to explain and predict the dynamics of pedestrians, cyclists and mixed flows within an urban context.

MSc. Tim van Oijen



Priscilla Hanselaar