Dr.ir. A.J. (Adam) Pel

Dr. Adam Pel is assistant professor on transport modelling, and traffic analyst at Fileradar. His main fields of expertise are data analytics, mathematical modelling, and simulation and optimisation techniques for (road) transport systems. His research topics include travel behaviour, the performance of transport networks, and particularly the resilience of transport systems.

Pel obtained his PhD on evacuation modelling and management in 2011, and subsequently joined Delft University of Technology as assistant professor. He has chaired several international conferences, and is associate editor for the journals Transportation Research Part C and Transportation Science. Since 2014 he also does R&D part-time at Fileradar on data-driven traffic analytics and predictions. 

He is the Chair of the Board of Studies for the MSc programme on Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics; Coordinator for the BSc Minor programme on this subject; and member of the assessment committee within the CEG Lecturer Professionalisation programme. He is also course coordinator and lecturer for several MSc and BSc courses on the analyses and modelling of transport systems; and frequent supervisor for student projects and internships. He supervises Postdoc researchers and PhD students doing research on these subjects.  

Adam Pel

Assistant professor

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Dr.ir. A.J. Pel

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