L.A. (Lóránt) Tavasszy


Lóránt Tavasszy is Professor in Freight and Logistics, since September 2016 full-time at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). He studied Civil Engineering at the TU Delft, with specialisations in transport modelling and freight transport. He held a part time position at Radboud University as professor in Freight Transport and Spatial Development from 2004 and joined the TU Delft again part-time in 2009, combined with a position as Principal Scientist at TNO. 


Prof. Tavasszy’s personal research area is focused on freight transport modelling. He works with two groups at TUDelft on the Freight Modelling Lab across 3 Faculties. He has acquired and conducted over 50 contract research projects for national and international clients, private firms and public authorities. He is responsible for guidance of 5-10 PhD students and the completion of 20 MSc theses per year. He received international awards from WCTRS in 1998 and TRB/FHWA in 2013, Emerald in 2017 and TRB in 2018.  

  • Analysis and Design of Freight and Logistic Systems
    Master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Man.
    ECTS: 5

Tavasszy, L.A., Smeenk, B., C.J. Ruijgrok (1998), A DSS for modelling logistics chains in freight transport systems analysis, International Transactions in Operational Research 5 (6), 447-459. Republished in K. Button, P.Nijkamp, A. McKinnon (eds), Classics in Transport Analysis: Transport Logistics, Edward Elgar publishers, 2003 

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Dente, S. M., & Tavasszy, L. A. (2017). Impacts of trade related sustainability strategies on freight transportation: Modelling framework and application for France. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.

More publications

  • Editorial Boards: European Journal of Transport and Infrastructures Research (EJTIR), Case Studies in Transport Policy (CSTP), Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS), Sustainability.
  • Chair, Scientific Committee of World Conference for Transport Research Society
  • International member TRB (Transportation Research Board) Freight Transport Modelling Subcommittee and Intermodal Freight Transportation Committee
  • Scientific co-chair of Working Group 1 on Sustainability of the Horizon 2020 European Technology Platform ALICE (Logistics)
  • Lead for TU Delft Institutional Partnerships: Volvo Research and Education Foundation, OECD-ITF Decarbonisation project, World Bank/WCTR partnership for African Universities

Tavasszy, L.A., G. de Jong (eds.) (2014), Modelling Freight Transport, Elsevier

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Combes, F., K. Ruijgrok, L.A. Tavasszy (2013), Endogenous Shipment Size in Freight Mode Choice Models: Theory and Empirical Testing, in: Ben-Akiva, M., H. Meersman, E. van de Voorde (eds.), Freight Transport Modelling, Bingley: Emerald

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Tavasszy, L. A., Behdani, B., & Konings, R. (2017). Intermodality and Synchromodality, in: Geerlings, H., B. Kuipers, R. Zuidwijk (eds.), Ports and Networks, Oxon: Routledge:

Halim, R. A., Tavasszy, L. A., Kwakkel, J. H.,  The impact of the emergence of direct shipping lines on port flows, In: Ducruet, C. (Ed.). (2015). Maritime Networks: Spatial structures and time dynamics. Routledge.

Lóránt (Lóri) Tavasszy

Professor, Freight & Logistics

TPM: Engineering Systems and Services
CEG: Transport & Planning 

Cherelle Nieuwenhuis (TPM) & Dehlaila da Costa Ricardo (CEG) 

Research interests:
Freight transport systems
City logistics
Global logistic networks

Additional information L.A. Tavasszy

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