R. (Rafael) Mendes Borges


Rafael Mendes Borges is a Researcher in Software Interfaces for Railway Simulation at the Department of Transport and Planning, TU Delft. He is graduated in Aerospace Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. Rafael did his master’s thesis on the topic of predictive maintenance from data applied to railway traction systems. The project was made in collaboration with Nomad Tech, a Portuguese provider of maintenance solutions for rolling stock. His main areas of interest include railway traffic optimization, predictive maintenance and automatic railway operations.


  • Microscopic railway traffic simulation software.
  • Predictive maintenance from data to improve availability and reduce costs.

Improving the resilience of railway systems (NWO funded project)
Rafael is involved in the development of graphical interfaces, data management and software integration of the microscopic railway traffic simulation software EGTRAIN, in use at the Digital Rail Traffic Lab within the Department of Transport and Planning, TU Delft.

Rafael Mendes Borges