S. (Sina) Nordhoff


Since 01/06/2015: PhD Student investigating user acceptance of automated vehicles in public transport, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and the Innovation Centre for Mobility & Societal Change, Berlin 

Job profile: Problem identification; development and testing of questionnaires and interview guides to capture feedback of shuttle users; designing and performing experiments to examine the interaction between automated shuttles and users; data analysis; reporting of results to diverse stakeholders; publication. 

06/2013-08/2014: Working student at research group Society & Technology, Daimler AG, Berlin 

Job profile: Market and environmental analyses of electric mobility in Europe, China and Australia; comparison of requirements of electric and hybrid vehicles; identification of trends in the field of mobility, society and urban development; identification of influential factors for innovative mobility concepts; analysis of online survey on demands of mobility concepts; online survey on the willingness of people to adopt Google’s self-driving car (master thesis). 

Educational activities

Seminar: Automated driving: bane or boon for conventional traffic? 
Technical University Berlin, Germany.
Preparing and giving lectures to regular Bachelor and Master students. Providing technical/material support for lectures, correcting written exams. 

Nordhoff, S., De Winter, J. C. F., Madigan, R., Merat, N., Van Arem, B., & Happee, R. (2018a). User acceptance of automated shuttles in Berlin-Schöneberg: A questionnaire study. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology & Behaviour, 58, 843–854.

Nordhoff, S., De Winter, J. C. F., Kyriakidis, M., Van Arem, B., & Happee, R. (2018b). Acceptance of driverless vehicles: results from a large cross-national questionnaire study. Advanced Journal of Transportation, Article ID 5382192.

Nordhoff, S., De Winter, J. C. F., Payre, W., Van Arem, B., & Happee, R. (under review). What impressions do users have after a ride in an automated shuttle? An interview study. Submitted to Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology & Behaviour.

Nordhoff, S., Van Arem, B. & Happee, R. (2016). Conceptual model to explain, predict, & improve user acceptance of driverless podlike vehicles. Transportation Research Record, 2602, 60–67.

Dr. S. Nordhoff

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