X. (Ximing) Chang


Ximing Chang is a Ph.D. candidate in Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) in China. His research interests include Travel Behaviour Analysis, Urban Mobility based on Traffic (Big) Data, and Sustainable Transportation. During the last three years, he worked together with Prof. Jianjun Wu in BJTU on modeling and optimizing the transportation system through a data-driven approach.


His first work shed some light on the analysis of the factors affecting the travel mode choice behaviour and modeling travel mode choice using machine learning algorithms. Other researches focused on the station-free shared bike usage data. Some topics have been completed or in progress, like understanding user’s travel behaviour and city region functions from station-free shared bike usage data, short-term forecasting of shared bike demand with a spatio-temporal deep learning approach, dynamic shared bike rebalancing problem by considering the collection of bikes in need of repair etc.

Ximing Chang, Jianjun Wu, Hao Liu, Xiaoyong Yan, Huijun Sun, Yunchao Qu. 2019. Travel mode choice: a data fusion model using machine learning methods and evidence from travel diary survey data. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science. 15 (2): 1587–1612. https://doi.org/10.1080/23249935.2019.1620380

Ximing Chang

PhD Researcher

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