Completed MSc Projects





Sebastian Durry
Mathematical Modelling of the Hydrolysis Process of Waste Activated Sludge in a Novel Cascade System
Annie Zhang               Modelling, optimisation and caustic recovery for more sustainable bottle washers 2022
Huib Vreeburg  Hydrogeological Modelling of the Esperance Drinking Water Aquifer Subjected to Seawater Intrusion      2022






Shan Jiang Removal of Organic Micro-pollutants Present in the Effluent of Wastewater Treatment Plant by Zeolite Granules 2021
Katharina Wilbrand  Assessing Global Applicability of a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network for Rainfall-Runoff Modelling 2021
Feiyang Liu Bacteria and viruses removal in slow sand filters 2021
Azza Azzahra Safira Suryanto Optimal Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage Systems: Application of single-objective optimisation for the implementation of Green-Blue-Grey Infrastructures in changing climate 2021
Eline van Berlo Chemical free ammonium recovery and acid regeneration using bipolar membrane electrodialysis under high temperature, high concentration and different pH conditions 2021
Jianyi Tang Treatment of Synthetic Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Using AnMBR: Biological and Filtration Performance 2021
Agung Kusumawardhana Iron Removal in Low Salinity Water: A case study of brackish water reverse osmosis permeate 2021
Kirsten van Linden The behaviour of heavy metals and nutrients from stormwater in the Bluebloqs Biofilter in Spangen, Rotterdam: A field study 2021
Erik Kraaijeveld Horizontally embedded Fe(0) electrocoagulation to enhance As(III) removal in biologically active rapid sand filters for drinking water treatment, 2021
Diego Corredor Mora Short-term Water Demand Forecasting at a District Level Using Deep Learning Technique, 2021
Abe Feenstra Bluebloqs as a circular water solution: A framework to co-design the dimensioning and operations of the decentralised Bluebloqs system 2021
Anastasia Saranti Concentrating hemicellulosic hydrolysates with different membrane technologies: A study on dewatering C5/C6 sugar streams with Nanofiltration and Membrane Distillation, 2021
André Vallendar Exploration of Deep Learning-based Computer Vision for the detection of floating plastic debris in waterways, 2021
Panagiotis Mavritsakis Applying deep learning vs machine learning models to reproduce dry spells at point scale from satellite information in a data-scarce region: the case of northern Ghana, 2021
Tiza Spit Removal efficiency of antibiotic resistance using the O3STEP-filter, 2021
Ben Bischoff Tulleken Influence of film formers on magnetite properties under water-steam cycle conditions: The influence on acidic flow-accelerated corrosion and magnetite surface charge in conditions pertinent to condensate, feedwater and boiler systems, 2021
Bart-Jan van der Werff Disinfection of faecal indicator organisms by iron electrocoagulation for reuse of sewage water, 2021
Julian Ros Investigation of Well Clogging during Managed Aquifer Recharge of Tile Drainage Water: An ASTR Pilot Study, 2021
Fabrizia Fappiano Hydraulic Performance Assessment of an Algorithmic Generated Simplified Foul Sewer Network, 2021
Toan Nguyen The future of the Sub-Saharan African water supply system in small towns: A case study from Moamba 2021
Tobias Opschoor Selective transport between monovalent and divalent ions in electrodialysis: The effect of current density and ionic species concentration 2021
Joost Verbart A new approach in optimal sensor placement for smart hydraulic monitoring in intermittent water supply (IWS) systems: A technical and financial analysis of the use of flow and pressure meters to detect hidden leaks in large cities in sub-Saharan Africa, 2021
Fleur de Wit A Structured Decision Making method to explore value trade-offs when selecting Household Water Treatment and Storage technologies 2021
Rogier Speksnijder Spatial and temporal relation between drinking water temperature and indicators for microbial water quality in the drinking water distribution system of Amsterdam, 2021
Siyuan Wang Impact of Pipe Cover on Drinking Water Temperature 2021



Elisavet Apostolidou                 A life cycle perspective of water conservation and resource recovery strategies in the urban water system                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2020
Laurens van den Bos Quantifying the effects of anthropogenic heat sources on the water temperature in the drinking water distribution system 2020
Nicole van Jaarsveld Phosphate Removal from Wastewater by Mineral Wool Filters 2020
Fabian Bodenlenz Freeing Ammonia: Anaerobic degradability of proteins in the presence of multiple carbon sources 2020
Daniel Huisman Assessment of Aniline under Methanogenic and Saline Conditions in Batch and AnMBRn, 2020
Pim Versteeg Assessing adsorption of heavy metals from urban stormwater runoff in the Bluebloqs biofiltration system 2020
Pieter den Dekker Strategy to Transition from an Intermittent to a Continuous Water Supply Using a District Metering Area Approach, 2020
Stelios Flambouris Mitigation of Silica Scaling by Closed-Circuit Reverse Osmosis, 2020
Jiawei Wang Ozone-Based Regeneration of Granular Zeolites Loaded with Organic Micropollutants, 2020
Chiara Merola Understanding the impact of a pressure sewer on municipal wastewater: a pre-treatment for AGS plants, 2020
Ioanna Goutzamani Ion Exchange as Pretreatment of Municipal Wastewater Effluent for Reverse Osmosis Desalination: Assessment of treatment performance and prediction of fouling potential on downstream reverse osmosis 2020
Magnolia Garcia Solano       Anaerobic digestion of palm oil, ethanol, and tequila production by products: Effects of alkaline hydrothermal pre-treatment on sugars release and biogas composition 2020
Widya Prihesti Effects of thermal hydrolysis process (THP) on struvite crystallisation from reject water of anaerobically digested sludge 2020
Emilie Wesseling                  Getting a better grip on sanitation systems: Introducing a numerical model to identify, predict and mitigate hazardous events and measure the safety of on-site sanitation systems 2020
Hao Wu Effect of sodium chloride on the formation of ice and salt during eutectic freeze crystallization of sodium sulfate with a scenario study of real brine 2020
Voytek Barycki Application of business intelligence as decision support systems in asset management of water connections: Case study in the Netherlands, in collaboration with water company “Evides” 2020
Charlotte Mekel Hidden Danger: Mapping consequences of underground water infrastructure failure to guide asset management, 2020
Sasha Sutaria Effect of Melanoidins and Metals on Hydrolysis in Anaerobic Digestion 2020
Lu Yao Fenton Oxidation Initiated by FeOCl Pre-Coat for Cleaning Persistent Gel-Like Fouling of Ceramic Nanofiltration, 2020
Shiyu Tang Particulate COD Capture in an Aerobic Granular Sludge Bed, 2020
Anke Merkx Exploring possibilities for climate adaptation in context of the ongoing energy transition: A case-study of Rotterdam 2020
Jiamin Wu Ultrafiltration of Synthetic Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) using PVDF and a-Al2O3 Membranes 2020
Vibhu Srinivasa Impact of kitchen waste grinder application with water conservation strategies on urban water sewerage systems, 2020
Rogelio Peschard A Statistical Approach to Link Flux and Fouling to Sludge Characteristics for an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treating Dairy Cheese Wastewater 2020
Asiman Dash Predicting strontium carbonate precipitation through regression: A focus on recovery from reverse osmosis concentrate 2020
Lindsey Carver Influence of volatile fatty acids on aerobic granular sludge performance and considerations for pre-fermentation 2020
Lu Yao Fenton Oxidation Initiated by FeOCl Pre-Coat for Cleaning Persistent Gel-Like Fouling of Ceramic Nanofiltration, 2020
Suzanne van der Poel Electroflotation as disinfection method for secondary municipal wastewater effluent: A literature review, 2020
Clifford Godwin Linking urban waterbody health to citywide inclusive sanitation 2020
Tessa Jonker Fate of Escherichia coli, Enterococci, and Campylobacter in the Bluebloqs Biofilter: Urban Waterbuffer Spangen, Rotterdam 2020
Pravin Khande Removal of micropollutants with limited aeration assisted anaerobic digestion 2020



Andrea Elshof                          Engineering zeolite pellets for the adsorption of organic micropollutants                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2019
Lennart Dekker Assessing and modeling the hydrological performance of DIT sewers: A case study at Kuiperstraat and H.A.J.M. Schaepmanstraat, Gouda, Netherlands 2019
Ainoa Rossi Transferring inter-disciplinary flood reconstruction responses from Japan to The Netherland, 2019
Yingfei Zhang Smart Water Meters in Full-scale Drinking Water Distribution Networks (DWDNs 2019
Vita Vollaers Towards a better understanding of failures occurring in SUDS 2019
Rubayat Sobhan An improved kinetic model and optimized configurations for pellet softening: Modeling and optimization of pellet softening process in drinking water treatment 2019
Yaxin Liang Flux decline and concentration polarization during ceramic nanofiltration for polyethylene glycols, silica, and phosphate retention 2019
Chang Gao Impact of increased phenol loading rate on the phenol removal of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor operated at high sodium concentration 2019
Ayu Floriana Ayumurti Kukuh Integrated Sulphate Removal from Ion Exchange Brine Using Chemical Precipitation and Ceramic Nanofiltration 2019
Yundan Wang Selective Transport of NH3 by Silica-Based Ceramic Pervaporation Membrane, 2019
Jef Vleugels The influence of land subsidence on pluvial flooding in Rotterdam 2019
Jasper Schakel A critical review of Adsorption Desalination: The road to sustainable desalination or whisful thinking 2019
Thayn Malar Motchan Silica Scaling in Closed-Circuit Desalination (CCD) 2019
Alessia Matano ​​​​Decision analysis support for sustainable allocation of newly-arrived refugees according to water security criteria, 2019
Fei Liang Investigation of Trimethoprim Removal Using LED-UV/Chlorine Process 2019
Maria Gomez Paez Steering Product Formation in Anaerobic Digestion Systems, 2019
Giacomo Bandinu Electrodialysis with bipolar membranes for ammonia recovery in wastewater: An innovative concept for the treatment of ammonia residual streams, 2019
Claudia Prehn Garces Participatory management: Guayllabamba case study 2019
Thibaut Visser Effects of reducing extraneous water on the performance of wastewater treatment plants, 2019



Jingwen Li                                Atomic Layer Deposition for Synthesis of Ceramic Tight UF Membrane,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2018
Jasper van de Loo Long-term Availability Analysis of Water Treatment Plants: Complex Repairable Systems with Deteriorating Characteristics, 2018
Dionysia Diamantidou Ionic separation of the IEX spent regenerant using Nanofiltration, 2018
Lotte Kattenberg Vacuum membrane stripping of wastewater for the production of ammonia fuel gas for solid oxide fuel cells: From synthetic to real wastewater 2018
David Ramirez Infante A study of the variability of lag time as measure of hydrological response in urban catchments 2018
Liying Feng Ceramic nanofiltration membranes: Rejection of salts and NOM at high ionic strength and modification of pore size by atomic layer deposition 2018
Vera Bost Control of biological phosphorus removal in an oxidation ditch using simple sensors, 2018
Anna Waqué Silica removal from presoftenend reserse osmosis brine using silica gel beads, 2018
Qiuman Tan Potential impacts of supply water quality change on aged household connection pipes 2018
Sara Ghanbari Pilot study and modelling of remineralization of low-temperature desalinated water by calcite filtration 2018
Jiaxing Fang Variation of Chemical and Structural properties of Waste Aerobic Granular Sludge (WAGS) and Flocculent Sludge in Anaerobic Digestion 2018
Eleftheria Chiou An improved model of calcium carbonate crystallization: An improved kinetics-model for the calcium carbonate crystallization in the fluidized bed softening reactors at the Weesperkarspel drinking water treatment plant 2018
Jacco Breedijk Assessing different modelling concepts for estimating pluvial flooding in urban areas, 2018
Tim van Dijk Assessment of Fe(II), Fe(III) and NaMnO4 dosing for As removal <1 µg/L during aeration-filtration at WTP Prinsenbosch 2018
Wyona Boers The corrosion behavior of mild steel in soft alkaline cooling water in relation to phosphorus-free corrosion inhibitors 2018


Hermant Arora Phenolic Wastewater Degradation by Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor in Thermophilic condition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2017
Felipe Gonzalez Crossflow reversal effect on removal of RO particulate fouling: a comparison of two spacers, 2017
Xuan Li Assessing water quality changes and transition effects in distribution systems by online particle sampling system (OPSS), 2017
Brent Pieterse MnO4 – Fe(III) dosing to rapid sand filters for removing arsenic from drinking water to <1 µg/l: A case study in Katwijk (Dunea), 2017
Tsz Kit Liu Organic Micropollutant Treatment by Pre-Ozonation and Activated Carbon, 2017
Ward van Es The Freshwater Factory: removing organic micro-pollutants with ozonation 2017
Hara Sifaki On the use of D-Flow FM & MIKE FLOOD models for the analysis of urban fluvial and pluvial inundation: A case study of Colombo Metropolitan region in Sri Lanka, 2017
Vanida Amada Salgado Ismodes Bromate removal by chemical reduction using iron (II): Optimizing AOP-MAR process 2017
Alexandra Prodănescu Worm predation on excess activated sludge: Solids reduction capabilities and biochemical changes 2017
Evelien Martens Vacuum membrane distillation for the production of ammonia fuel gas for solid oxide fuel cells: Influence of feed temperature and ammonia concentration on permeate quantity and quality 2017
Rob Deckers Optimizing electrodialysis processes for concentrating ammonium rich streams 2017
Christiaan Hordijk Concentrating Ammonium 2017
Lenno van den Berg Characterization and modelling of full-scale aerobic granular sludge 2017
Timon Huijzendveld Biological As oxidation during start-up of rapid sand filters 2017



Constantinos Makris Detection and quantification of lateral, illicit connections and infiltration in sewers with Infra-Red camera: conclusions after a wide range of experiments                                                                                                                                        2016
Ivan Sebastian Cedillo Galarza Potentiality of a velocity profiler to investigate sewers: Results of laboratory experiments 2016
Nan Nie Feasibility of River Bank Filtration for Drinking Water Production in China 2016
Eva Nieuwenhuis A study on the relationship between fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposits in sewer systems and FOG disposal patterns 2016
Andrea Elshof Engineering zeolite pellets for the adsorption of organic micropollutants, 2016
Nathalie van Veen Possibilities for rooftop rainwater harvesting for off-grid households: Case study: Serang, Indonesia, 2016
Stefanie Stubbé The Fate of Phosphate in Full-Scale Aerobic Granular Sludge Systems, 2016
Nan Nie Feasibility of River Bank Filtration for Drinking Water Production in China 2016
Maria Evangelou Influence of operational conditions and sludge characteristics on anaerobic digestion process of a plug flow system using a series of complete-mix reactors in a series, 2016
Rangel Escajadillo
Impact and Sensitivity of diverse parameters over the cost structure of Reverse Osmosis Systems 2016
Athina Chrysovergi Ammonium Removal by Reverse Osmosis Membranes 2016
Maarten Baan Risk based flood management of sewer systems, 2016
Nessia Fausta Assessing the possibility of water reclamation for concrete production in Maputo, Mozambique 2016
Vanida Salgado Ismodes Bromate removal by chemical reduction using iron (II): Optimizing AOP-MAR process 2016
Makris Konstantinos Detection and quantification of lateral, illicit connections and infiltration in sewers with Infra-Red camera: conclusions after a wide range of experiments 2016
Janneke Moors Model-based leak localization in small water supply networks 2016
Stefanie Stubbé The Fate of Phosphate in Full-scale Aerobic Granular Sludge Systems 2016
Niels van Linden (file embargo until 2017-03-31) Sodium chloride recovery from brines for reuse purposes in zero liquid discharge 2016
Frans Willem Hamer Calcium carbonate precipitation during subsurface injection of RO-brine: The effect on the hydraulic conductivity 2016
Irene Caltran (file embargo until 2019-03-11) Arsenic oxidation and removal with Manganese oxides in filters 2016
Joanne Haveman Effect of drilling fluid contamination by zinc ions on drilling fluid rheological behaviou 2016
Abel Heinsbroek Calcium Hydroxide as Precipitative Antiscalant for Nanofiltration 2016


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