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13 September 2018

Cees Boeter Award

The Department of Water Management is proud to announce the winner of the Cees Boeter Award for the best BSc thesis written in the 2017-2018 academic year.

04 September 2018

IWA Project Innovation Award 2018

Waternet, the public water utility of Amsterdam, wants to operate climate neutrally in 2020: no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energy recovery from the water cycle has a huge potential to contribute to this ambition: the recovered energy is an alternative for fossil fuel. An innovative option is thermal energy recovery from drinking water.

22 May 2018

Most wanted: wastewater

Technology such as MRI helps us to understand the processes that take place in biomass when we purify waste water with micro-organisms. We can use this knowledge to extract more energy and resources (and new pollution) from our own waste water. But we also need new knowledge to tackle problems in the rapidly expanding world cities, where waste water purification is often a relatively new concept. We can and must get much more out of our waste water. This is argued by Professor Merle de Kreuk, who will give her inaugural address at TU Delft on Wednesday, 23 May.

26 April 2018

Super computing power for rainfall modelling in Africa

Prof. Nick van de Giesen received an IBM Technology & Data grant in the form of free super computing power and weather data. The project of Prof. Van de Giesen and Camille le Coz (both from the Water Management department) focusses on the simulation of rainfall and weather data in Africa to increase farmer resilience.

26 April 2018

Safe drinking water for all with smart, new drinking water technologies

Access to safe drinking water is a global challenge, particularly affecting the rural poor in developing countries. This urgent problem requires new, smart solutions for the removal of a wide range of contaminants of global concern, such as arsenic, fluoride, pathogens and antibiotic resistant genes.