Tentative Programme (in preparation, can be modified by the organizers)

The 24th EJSW will not only offer junior scientist an opportunity to present their research work and to be trained in chairing session as usual ESJWs, but will also put forward, for the third time, a unique set of practice sessions lead by the Organization Committee.

Morning sessions will be devoted to 1) junior scientists oral presentations, and 2) short senior lectures to prepare the afternoon sessions.

Afternoon sessions will include hands on workshops of the following topics:

  • How does a sensor works?
  • Why and how to calibrate sensors?
  • What induces measuring uncertainties?
  • How to assess uncertainty?
  • How to analyze and validate raw data?
  • How to operate a data communication network?
  • How to report measuring data?
  • How to design, to build and to maintain a monitoring station?

One afternoon will be devoted to some leisure activities, strongly dependent on weather conditions (walk, climbing, photos, rafting, food and wine tasting, etc.).


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