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In 2011 TU Delft Civil Engineering & Geosciences and  Evides Industry Water formed a strategic cooperation aimed at a research program focused on the industrial water utility. The research program focuses on fundamental and applied research into water production, used water treatment, reuse and zero discharge technologies, for application in the industry to compile know-how with the purpose to optimize the industrial water loop and reduce its water footprint. 

On top of that the cooperation aims to establish a permanent base with substantial expertise and know-how of the industrial water utility within Delft University. In the long term  this should be aggregated into a professorship at Delft University in the field of the Industrial water treatment and utility. The enhancement of structural knowledge about the improvement of existing and development of new technologies will add to the attractiveness of the water technology sector for young, well-educated professionals.

The cooperation will support MSc and PhD research projects to develop technologies and solutions with superior performance in relation to (i) reduced energy footprint, (ii) maximized sustainable production of re-usable water and brine (concentrates) conversion (iii) operational stability over substantial periods of time at lowest operational expenses. 

The cooperation is open to high profile industrial companies with similar ambitions.

Evides Industry Water

Evides water company is one of the largest suppliers of water and water services to the industry in the Netherlands. Evides Industry Water (EIW) is acting as a full-service water partner to the industry, providing a utility portfolio compiling: industrial water treatment (process & demin), wastewater treatment and integrated treatment (water reuse). In addition EIW designs, finances and operates their custom-made water treatment plants. EIW operates water plants for all major (petro)chemical multinational companies and makes use of both proven technology as well as innovative new process designs.

One of the mayor targets of EIW is to establish water reuse and recycling. Closing the water loop has a positive effect on the environment, as it reduces the industrial use of precious water resources, such as groundwater and drinking water. Effluent water coming from the wastewater treatment plants is a potential feedstock and suited to apply as a source for the production of process water. EIW has excellent experiences with the recycling of wastewater for the production of process water in the Netherlands, for example on the Dow Chemical Terneuzen site (reusing both industrial and municipal effluent to serve as process and demin water). The coming years the water cycle of the site and its Terneuzen surroundings will even be further closed. For this purpose a research project is being carried out (E4Water: 2012-2015) towards a paradigm shift in the chemical industry to create a breakthrough in industrial water treatment by: enhanced reuse, recycling and valorization of complex wastewater. For this case and other examples, see:

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