Dr. Thom Bogaard

Thom Bogaard obtained his MSc degree in 1993 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam studying surface erosion on terraced agricultural fields and sediment transport in small catchment in central-Java, Indonesia. Additionally he worked on micrometeorological research in relation to the desertification in central Spain. His PhD degree followed in 2001 at Utrecht University on the ‘Analysis of hydrological processes in unstable clayey slopes’. In 2007 he moved to Delft University of Technology to work in the group of prof. Hubert Savenije as experimental and hillslope hydrologists.

Thom’s main research interest can be summarized as the interaction between water and environmental processes and their impacts on human society. Hereto, Thom focuses on hillslope and landslide hydrology as well as on development and application of innovative measurement techniques for hydrology. His main research topics are:

  • The influence of preferential flow paths on hydrological behaviour of landslides
  • Modelling of the feedbacks between slope deformation and hydrology
  • The long-term hydrological influence of vegetation on slope stability
  • Hydrometeorological and water quality measurement networks
  • The use of volunteer information in data collection
  • Science communication, especially related to natural hazards
  • Isotope hydrology; studying hydrological processes by applying stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes
  • Applying Fibre Optic Cable for distributed temperature and strain measurements in hydrological system
  • Watertagging; developing nanoparticles with DNA-tag that can be used as water flow path tracer.

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Selected publications

Landslide hydrology
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Catchment Hydrology
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Tracer hydrology and measurement techniques
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Thom Bogaard

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