Dr.ir. Miriam Coenders

Since 2010 Miriam is an assistant professor at the Hydrology group. Her research focusses on understanding evaporation by using novel measuring techniques like Distributed Temperature Sensing and stable water isotopes. In 2015 Miriam was awarded with a VENI from NWO-ALW on this topic. Furthermore, Miriam supervises several BSc and MSc thesis-students and is involved in the courses: Hydrological Processes and Measurements (CIE4440),  Hydrologie (CTB2420), and the minor course "Meten aan Water" (CT3412). 

During her PhD study Miriam focussed on interception evaporation and more specific on forest floor interception. This PhD study was carried out in cooperation with the LIST (formerly known as Gabriel Lippmann Institute in Luxembourg). To understand the interception process, canopy and litter interception were (and are) measured on three different plots in Europe. The spots are visited regularly to see how the interception process works. Further information about interception can be found on: www.miriamcoenders.nl

Furthermore, Miriam is associate editor of Water Resources Research, and plays an active role as webmaster of the Boussinesq Center website and the Hydrological Science Division of the European Geosciences Union.

Before Miriam started her PhD study she worked on her MSc-thesis about Gravity Measurements at the Water Resources Section. During her MSc-study in Hydrology she was also a student assistant, where she did several things like: maintaining website, organizing field trips, create posters and hydrological images, edit lecture notes and books, etc.

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Miriam Coenders

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