Arianna Nativio


  • Bachelor’s degree in Safety and Security Engineering at University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Master’s degree in Safety Engineering and Civil protection at University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  • Master thesis at UMons (University of Mons), Belgium, during internship of six months, about fire safety in the passive houses (zero emission building) and validation of FDF software.
  • I have experience about risk analysis (qualitative and quantitative methodologies) and statistical analysis, in particular its application about industrial plants.
  • Internship at University of Rome “Roma Tre”, during the master, about safety and regulation of bio-plastics materials and their application on food-packaging. 

The project belongs to “WIDER UPTAKE” and it concerns in five case studies with other partners across Europe.
My PhD’s project is about monitoring and control of wastewater reuse and safe application about bio-composite materials recovered from wastewater, safe using by human, circular economy, life cycle of these prototype of products.

In particular the microbial risk* analysis during the use of wastewater and to understand what the risk during the production of bio-based materials are. 

*Microbial risk means all kind of pathogens or microbial toxin that could be in touch with human organism by food, wastewater reuse etc.
The microbial risk assessment is a necessary phase to control and monitoring the health quality human in order to use sustainability and removable resources in a safety way.
Bio-composite materials could be useful and could improve the human life in each field such as cleaning of the city, environment, technologies, quality life, etc.

Water is the first source to permit life and reuse this could improve quality human life. Sustainable doesn’t mean safety, and it’s important to understand the health risks from that the people could be exposed using these prototypes of products or producing them.

Wider Uptake in Smart water solution
is the project of my PHD, in particular I’m involved on Work Package 2: Monitor and control of health human quality. In particular, risk assessment regarding the reuse of wastewater and use of the recovery of bio-composite materials from wastewater.

Arianna Nativio

PhD Candidate


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