Diana Carolina Callejas Moncaleano


Since January 2019, Diana Carolina Callejas Moncaleano is PhD student at the Section Sanitary Engineering. She obtained her degree in Environmental Engineering, and her Master in Civil Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota Colombia. Her experience is mainly focuses on water management resources in the academic, private and public sectors. Diana is keenly interest in innovative solutions to such multi-faceted challenges of water use as efficiency (WUE), water consumption, and socio hydrology mainly.


This research focuses upon understanding why water is used in an inefficient manner in selected regions in Colombia. The aim of this is examine the factors that constrain water use efficiency and have influence over the behaviour of water users to assess water use efficiency as a strategy for sustainable water use.

This will be realized through an analysis of technical, social and cultural, regulatory, and institutional factors, looking into main drivers of inefficient water use.

She was research assistant at Universidad de Los Andes in the Water Supply and Sewers Systems Research Center, and in the Environmental Engineering Research Center, for the project “Monitoring, assessment, and modeling of pollutants to the sewer system management for the Water and Sewerage Company of Bogotá”. Meanwhile, she was assistant for hydraulics, and wastewater treatment courses. Then she lectured water management at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and at the Universidad Manuela Beltran in Bogotá.

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Diana Carolina Callejas Moncaleano

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