Dr. Ir. Gang Liu

Dr. Gang Liu started his Assistant Professor (tenure track) position at TU Delft since July 2016. Gang finished his PhD research in 2013 at the Sanitary Engineering of TU Delft on the direction of drinking water microbiological water quality during distribution. Afterwards, he has been working as researcher at Oasen Drink Water and guest researcher at TU Delft continuing researches on particles and microbes in drinking water distribution system with a special focus on the transition effects of changing supply water quality on water distribution. He is now sharing 2 days a week (Thursdays and Fridays) at TU Delft and 3 days a week at Oasen Drink Water.

His current research interests focus on particles and microbes in drinking water, including characteristics and fate of particle-associated bacteria, formation and releasing of loose deposits and biofilm in drinking water distribution system, transition effects of changing environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, hydraulics, pipe material and water quality) on the microbial ecology of drinking water distribution system, opportunistic pathogens and microbial indicators in drinking water (e.g. Legionella and Mycobacterium), smart tools for monitoring water quality changes (e.g smart water meter, online particle monitoring system). With the ambition of going deeper than simply scanning, so as to achieve goals of understanding, predicting and managing the microbes in distribution system, he is now applying advanced environmental biotechnology (e.g. illumina hiseq sequencing, multi-omics and Droplet Digital PCR) and developing pipelines for drinking water microbes’ study. His research covers produced water from conventional treatment processes (rapid sand filtration, slow sand filtration), membrane technologies (UF, NF and RO) and the new proposed one step RO combined with river bank filtration.

National and international collaborations and projects are running with Dutch partners (KWR, Unesco-IHE, water utilities) and international partners in China (Chinese Academy of Sciences), US (University of Illions at Urbana champion) and Switzerland (Eawag).


Gang Liu

Senior Researcher

  • G.Liu-1@TUDelft.nl
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

    Building 23

    Stevinweg 1

    2628 CN Delft


    Room: 4.51 (Thursday and Friday)