Dr. Ir. Ran Shang

Dr. Ran Shang has the background of Civil Engineering, majoring in Sanitary Engineering. Since 2006, he studied at Tongji University and obtained his MSc degree with a thesis entitled “Removal of humic substances by an electrical hollow-fiber microfiltration”. In 2009, he worked as researcher assistant in Philips Research Asia - Shanghai (PRAS), and worked on decentralized household drinking water purification. In October 2009, he moved to the Netherlands and worked as PhD researcher at Delft University of Technology and obtained the PhD degree with a dissertation entitled “Ceramic ultra- and nanofiltration for municipal wastewater reuse” on 16 June 2014. His PhD dissertation focused on deciphering ceramic ultra- and nanofiltration technology in water reclamation and resource recovery from wastewater.

Since obtaining a post-doc position at TU Delft in May 2014, he has been working on several consecutive research projects, including selective removal or separation of pollutants using membrane filtration, zeolite adsorption and advanced oxidation.

In 2015, Ran Shang received the biannually awarded Waternet Watercyclus Innovatie Prijs (Waternet Water Cycle Innovation Award) due to his contribution to the research on ceramic membranes for resource recovery.


Ran Shang