Els van der Roest


Els has a background in Chemistry (UvA, Amsterdam) and Energy Science (UU, Utrecht) after which she started as a researcher Energy & Water at KWR Water (Nieuwegein). At the TU Delft, she has a position as external PhD student, with Jan Peter van der Hoek and Ad van Wijk (3mE) as her promotors.


Els is interested in the design and analysis of Energy & Water systems in the urban environment. She takes on a system perspective and conceptualizes the neighbourhood of the future, with energy and water supply, demand and storage and conversion techniques.

Besides, Els works as a researcher at KWR on projects related to hydrogen production, heat storage, heat pumps and system integration.

  • Els guides master and bachelor students on energy- and water- related topics.
  • Power-to-X – a KWR project for the design and feasibility assessment of a neighbourhood energy- and watersystem
  • System Design Power-to-X – Next steps to realization of an integrated energy- and water system 
  • H-Flex – Contributing to a flexible electricity system with an electrolyser
  • Co-host of the KWR podcast, ‘De Waterwetenschappers’ on all kinds of water related questions such as ‘Why is our drinking water so cheap?’ (Dutch only), listen via your podcast app or soundcloud.

Els van der Roest

External PhD candidate

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