Ir. R.C. (Roos) Goedhart


After studying the fundamentals of life during my BSc Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University & Research, I felt the urge to apply this knowledge in a more practical field. During my BSc thesis and minor I became interested in water treatment and decided to go the Delft to study Environmental Engineering. I started to work for TU Delft | Global Drinking Water as a student assistant and I joined this programme as a PhD student in June 2021.


Under the supervision of Dr. Ir. Doris van Halem and Prof. Dr. Ir. Merle de Kreuk I will focus on arsenic removal from groundwater. Studying the chemical and microbial conversions during oxidation and the influence of iron will increase the understanding of the process and help towards reaching the new Dutch drinking water target of max 1 µg/L of arsenic. This knowledge can also contribute to developing efficient removal mechanisms for aeras with elevated arsenic concentrations in e.g. Bangladesh, making it an important research worldwide.

Roos Goedhart

PhD candidate

Monday - Friday

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