I. (Iosif) Kaniadakis


I studied Environmental Engineering in the engineering faculty of University of Patras in Greece. Later on, proceeded to MSc studies in Wageningen University & Research and attained a master’s degree from the department of Environmental Technology. I have joined many other projects in Greece and the Netherlands in the past as an engineer but also a researcher, in research institutes and companies such as, NIOO-KNAW, Wetsus, WUR ETE, DMT E.T., Dialynas SA and UPatras.


Excessive usage of fossil fuel-produced fertilisers, contribute to high energy consumption and ecological degradation. Especially nitrogen, in the form of ammonia or ammonium is the most important and used. The ammonia recovery from wastewater can contribute to lower energy consumption and minimize the losses of reactive nitrogen to the environment. My main research work, focuses on the optimization of this process through lab-work tests and pilot tests to achieve new industrial and market applicable technique.

  • Ammonia/Ammonium recovery
  • NEWBIES project
  • Project title: Ammonia recovery from wastewater.
  • Start date project: 01/09/2021
  • Keywords research project: Ammonia/Ammonium recovery, reactive nitrogen, NEWBIES
  • Nitrogen recovery and removal system’s optimization.

Alternative sources for the production of nitrogen and its use as fertiliser, contributes to less fossil fuels consumption and thus to lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, water quality of natural reservoirs is also important as it affects our close environment and food chain. Environmental friendly sources for nitrogen production as fertiliser are essential for future humanity’s natural sources.

Iosif Kaniadakis

PhD candidate

Water Management

Sanitary Engineering

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