Ir. Lenno van den Berg


Lenno van den Berg is a PhD researcher at the section of Sanitary Engineering, under supervision of Merle de Kreuk and Mark van Loosdrecht. He has a strong multi-disciplinary background, centred around treatment of wastewater. Lenno studied at TU Delft, where he completed the master Civil Engineering (specialization in Sanitary Engineering) and the master Life Science and Technology. The interdisciplinary curriculum combined a wide range of subjects, including drinking water supply, urban drainage, wastewater treatment, fermentation technology, metabolic network analysis, microbial community engineering and downstream processing.


His current research is centred around aerobic granular sludge, a recent innovation in wastewater treatment. Little is known about the conditions in the anaerobic feeding phase of the reactor operation, since the feeding is done in plug-flow mode. Heterogeneity in the distribution of wastewater contaminants throughout the granular sludge bed and inside the granules can have a significant impact on performance of the treatment plant. This heterogeneity is especially important for domestic wastewater, where a big fraction of the COD is composed of polymeric, colloidal or even particulate contaminants. The mass transfer behavior of these substrates can differ greatly from the simple substrates that have been used in laboratory studies. It is unknown how heterogeneous the substrate distribution becomes and what its impact is on nutrient removal and overall reactor performance. Therefore, the goal of his research is to understand what mass transfer processes (convection, diffusion, dispersion) govern the fate of the different substrates and where the substrates can be hydrolyzed and fermented.

Feel free to contact Lenno if you are interested in his research or if you would like to collaborate.

Lenno van den Berg

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
    Building 23
    Stevinweg 1
    2628 CN Delft

    Room: 4.48

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