Ir. Niels van Linden


Niels has background in civil engineering, with an explicit interest in water treatment. In 2013, he completed his BSc Civil Engineering at the TU Delft after his BSc-thesis on a water softening project in Portugal. During his MSc Watermanagement at the TU Delft, Niels conducted a multidisciplinary project in Jakarta (Indonesia) focussing on the optimisation of large drinking water treatment plants and an internship in Barcelona (Spain) focussing on the fouling of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis during water reclamation from secondary and tertiary effluent of a sewage treatment plant. During his MSc-thesis, Niels studied the separation of organic matter and sodium chloride in brine for the recovery of salt for reuse purposes in a zero liquid discharge application.


The main research activities of Niels are related to the removal of ammonium from residual waters. In the so-called N2kWh research, ammonium is removed from residual waters and recovered as ammonia gas, which is used a fuel for a solid oxide fuel cell. Besides the N2kWh research, Niels contributed to the research proposal of the ZERO BRINE project and chemical simulations for the recovery of minerals within the scope of the respective project.

Niels was between 2016 and 2018 involved in the course CIE4486 Industry Water and contributed to the syllabus, the organisation of excursions to industrial sites and design of the assignments for these excursions.

  • N. van Linden, R. Shang, G. Stockinger, B. Heijman and H. Spanjers (2019) Separation of natural organic matter and sodium chloride for salt recovery purposes in zero liquid discharge
  • N. van Linden, H. Spanjers and J.B. van Lier (2019) Gas Recovery from Wastewater (Patent)
  • N. van Linden, H. Spanjers and J.B. van Lier (2019) Application of dynamic current density for increased concentration factors and reduced energy consumption for concentrating ammonium by electrodialysis

N2kWh – From Pollutant to Power

Niels van Linden

PhD Researcher

Mariska van der Zee & Riëlle van Leeuwen

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