J.A. (Jorge Alexander) Garzón Díaz


  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a master's degree in Civil Engineering - emphasis in Water Resources and Hydroinformatics. Both programs done in the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Interested in research, modelling and education using computational tools, information technologies, artificial intelligence and geographical analysis for the better understanding and solving of problems related to water resources and climate change.
  • Experience with research and teaching activities in the projects and courses of the Water Supply and Sewerage Research Center – CIACUA of the University of Los Andes.
  • PhD candidate at AidroLab from November 2020.


Use of Energy-Based domain knowledge as feedback to Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) for the Optimization of Water Distribution Networks (WDN).

Jorge Alexander Garzón Díaz

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