Dr. Erik Mostert


Dr Mostert studied law and public administration at Leiden University. He is currently at the Delft University of Technology as assistant professor, coordinator of the Water Management curriculum, and vice-chairman of the Board of Examiners Civil Engineering and Applied earth Sciences. His expertise includes water law and ethics, social learning and collaboration processes.


A major challenge in water management is to determine the direction and cope with conflicting interests. Over the years solutions have been developed for this challenge, but new issues such as climate change and population growth have emerged that require new solutions. In his research Dr Mostert focuses on innovation processes, long-term institutional adaptation, and the environmental and community values that can underpin innovation and adaptation.

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Educational activities

  • Water law and organisation (CIE5500)
  • Integrated water management (CIE4450)
  • Water works in practice (CIE3411)
  • Research skills (CIE5431), social science module
  • MSc coordinator Water management
  • Vice-chairman of the Board of Examiners Civil Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences


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Mostert, E., Pahl-Wostl, C., Rees, Y., Searle, B., Tàbara, D., and Tippett, J.: Social learning in European river basin management; Barriers and supportive mechanisms from 10 river basins, Ecology and Society, 12, 19, 2007.

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Mostert, E.: River basin management and community; The Great Ouse Basin, 1850-present, International Journal of River Basin Management, 16, 51-59, 10.1080/15715124.2017.1339355, 2018.

Other activities

  • Associate editor International Journal of River Basin Management
  • Vice-chairman of the Board of Examiners Civil Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences

Erik Mostert

Assistant professor