Dr. Ir. Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis

Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis works at the Water Resources Group of the Water management Department at Delft University of Technology. Her recent research work focuses on plant-atmosphere interactions. She is involved in the 4TU research program “Plantenna” that aims at developing novel sensor technology that directly measures plant condition (water status in particular), in relation to its immediate environment. In Plantenna as well as a parallel research project “FruitFrost” (funded by NWO), Distributed Temperature Sensing is used to measure 3D temperature profiles at high space-time resolution. This enables detailed mapping of temperature response to heat and frost mitigation measures and heat exchange between the canopy and the atmosphere. She participated in multiple EU-funded research projects pioneering novel approaches for multi-sensor rainfall products and crop modelling for micro-insurance. She received her PhD degree in 2010 for research on quantitative risk analysis based on crowdsourced flood observations. In 2016 and 2017, she visited Princeton University in the US where she collaborated on statistical analysis of large hydro-meteorological field datasets. Before joining Delft University to start her PhD in 2006, she worked in local government and as a consultant for Royal Haskoning.

Projects she is currently involved in are: Plantenna, TWIGA, Horizon2020_Insurance and FloodCitiSense.

Plantenna: "Internet of Plants":
Innovative sensors for plant stress and environmental strain for a sustainable vegetation and farming

From 2011-2015 she coordinated RainGain, an EU-funded project on high resolution rainfall data analysis from dual polarimetric X-band radars and urban flood prediction. Check out this short movie about the Rotterdam weather radar:

Marie-claire ten Veldhuis


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