Dr. ir. Olivier Hoes


I have been working part-time as a researcher / teacher at the water resources management group since 2007. I also work at Acacia Water in Gouda. Before this I studied Civil Engineering at Haarlem Polytechnic. Then worked in Indonesia for 4 years. Subsequently I did my MSc and PhD in Civil Engineering at TU Delft at the water resources management group. I am mainly involved in flooding in the Netherlands through research and education.


My research focuses on the consequences of and the prevention of flooding in rural and urban areas. I use 1D and 2D models to gain insight into flooding. And I also spend time measuring water flows accurately. This can be the discharge through a lock, the flow rate of a pumping station or the precipitation on and discharge from a roof. Recently I am involved in the green-blue roof on lecture hall C&D of the CITG building. The roof of lecture hall A&B functions as a reference roof. With these roofs, we try to gain insight into the contribution that a green roof can make to reducing the discharge and also the contribution to the indoor climate.

In addition to research, I supervise students in their graduation research and teach the master course CIE4460 Polders and Flood Control. A fourth year Master course in Civil Engineering. The course deals with the genesis of Dutch polders, hydraulic structures in polder water systems like culverts, weirs and pumping stations, the design of polder canals, flooding of polders by either extreme precipitation or levee breaches, measures to limit the consequences flooding and reconstructing floods with 1D-2D modelling of floods.

Olivier Hoes