Alban Singirankabo


Uwacu obtained his MSc Degree in Geo-Information Science and Earth observation applied to Land Administration from ITC/University of Twente (2011). His work focused on the processes of first land registration and adjudication with a case study in Rwanda. He has a 10 years’ experience in teaching Geography, Land Administration and Geo-Information related courses at the University of Rwanda (UR) and at the UR-GIS Centre (CGIS) where he regularly participated as a trainer in tailor-made courses. 


His research looks at the relations between land tenure security (LTS), agricultural productivity and food security. In particular, it assesses the changes in agricultural productivity and uses statistical correlations to ascertain their links with land tenure security and food security. To do this, the study combines literature data and field data on farm plot biography and livelihood survey of farmers’ households in Rwanda. The result will be a conceptual and methodological framework to implement LTS based agricultural reform programs.

CIE5560 Engineering and Development

  • Singirankabo, U.A., Ertsen, M., (2018) Land tenure security and food security relations: A literature review study with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Presented in the LANDac International Research Conference on Land Governance and (im)mobility. Utrecht University.

  • Gough, K. V., Esson, J., M.H. Andreasen, Singirankabo, U.A., P. W. K. Yankson, A. Yemmafouo with H. Mainet and O. Ninot (2013): ‘City Dynamics’ RurbanAfrica Briefing No. 3, 2013, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Singirankabo, U.A., (2013). Population; Transport and Communication; Energy and Mining, In: Atlas of Rwanda, Editors: Pitte, J.P., and Twarabamenye, E., Les Editions du Jaguar

  • Singirankabo, U.A., (2011) Systematic land registration in Rwanda. Community perception and impact on the adjudication. MSc Thesis, ITC/University of Twente.

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SEAD project

“Strengthening Educational Institutes in Providing Capacity Building Services for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Rwanda”. Funded by NICHE, the project aims at supporting sustained food security by meeting national needs for education, research and technology transfer in agricultural production, value chain management and agribusiness.

Alban Singirankabo

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