Changrang Zhou


I am a Chinese from southeast China. In June 2014, I graduated from college with my bachelor degree of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, and in June 2017, I got my master degree of hydrology and water resources. Now I am a PhD student in Delft University of Technology in the department of Water Management. 

My mainly study is about using statistical tools to conduct hydrological time series analysis, including parameter estimation, hydrological frequency analysis, uncertainty analysis, nonstationarity analysis.


I am working on using statistical methods to conduct hydrological analysis. Currently,  I works on using confidence curves to represent uncertainty. AS a tool confidence curves are an explicit way to represent the uncertainty for parameters of interest, and my interest is the location of a sudden change in hydrological time series and the dependence parameter in copula models.

I am also interested in nonstationarity analysis, for instance the slowly deterministic trends, which could link to climate change and anthropogenic activities. The long range dependence in time series also could contribute to the detection of trend, which should be explored in more details.

Key publications

  1. Zhou, C., van Nooijen, R., Kolechkina, A., and Hrachowitz, M. Comparative analysis of nonparametric change-point detectors commonly used in hydrology, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Page: 1690-1710, 64(14), 2019.
  2. Zhou, C., van Nooijen, R., Kolechkina, A. and van de Giesen, N., Confidence curves for change points in hydrometeorological time series, Journal of Hydrology, Page: 1-19, 590, 2020.
  3. Zhou, C., van Nooijen, R., and Kolechkina, A., Capturing the uncertainty about a sudden change in the properties of time series with confidence curves, Journal of Hydrology, under review.

Changrang Zhou

PhD student

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