ir. Reza Pramana

Research Interest

Impacts of small water retention structures on infiltration
Contour trenches as part of the water retention structures have been constructed in several semi arid regions worldwide. I am studying 2 areas, in Vietnam and Kenya. The research at both areas is explained further in Projects. The Vietnam structures are basically derived from the Kenyan structures. I am interested in long term of such technique, in terms of infiltration and furthermore recharge. The ongoing monitoring program in Vietnam has been successfully achieved to understand the beginning stage of contour trenching. The main issue is on the water distribution and partition of this technique at different areas and different development stage.

Combination of monitoring program, modeling and isotope tracer techniques
I am interested in the combination of on-site observation results, modeling approach and the isotope tracer techniques that could sharpen the understanding of the infiltration process at contour trenching plot. Isotope technique is limited to water during wet season. This technique was applied in Vietnam case. However, by taking into account the erosion and sedimentation in time due to contour trenching, one could approach via soil investigation. Soil samples can be collected and further be analyzed by conducting radioactive cesium analysis. This technique is implemented in Kenya.

Information about the research project can be found here.


M.Sc. in Water Resources Management, Delft University of Technology, 2005
B.Eng. in Ocean Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, 1997.

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