Sehouevi Mawuton David Agoungbome


David is from Benin in West Africa. He holds a Master's degree in Mathematical Sciences from the Africa Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Senegal) in 2017 and a Master’s of Engineering in Water Sciences and Technologies from the Polytechnic School of Abomey Calavi (Benin) in 2015. He has some years of work experience starting from Benin in a water sciences laboratory, a brewery effluent treatment plant, and a consultancy firm in Senegal (SenEngineering). A one-year volunteer service at the municipality of Ouidah (2017-2018), has also enriched him with many other skills and giving back to his community. Since June 2019, David joined the Water Resources Management group as a PhD candidate.


Regarding his current research, David focuses on analyzing the dynamics of the onset of rainy seasons in West Africa. The final goal of this project will be to provide in any season, value-added information service on one hand to farmers (the best moment to start sowing their crops) and on the other hand to financial institutions (giving loans to farmers with less risk). This project will contribute to addressing the SDG-2 (Zero Hunger) and SDG-13 (Climate Action).

As Delft Global Initiative Fellow, he works together with local partners in West Africa to make sure that the outcomes of his research contribute to the development of sustainable and affordable solutions for societal challenges and also to ensure that solutions developed at TU Delft are applicable for the end-users and make local impact.

The research project is part of the TWIGA project which stands for Transforming Weather, water and climate Information through in situ observations for Geo-services in Africa.

Sehouevi Mawuton David Agoungbome

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