Dr. Ir. Amir Haidari

Amir was born on March 21 in Herat, the western part of Afghanistan. Russian invasion in 1980 forced him to flee to Iran, where he finished his primary and secondary education. He went back to Afghanistan after 16 years. Just a year after his returning, he had to flee again due to the impasse social and political situations and general repression caused by Taliban. The journey was illegal, dangerous, out of his hand and with an unknown destination. Finally, he landed in the Netherlands in December 1999.

Before starting his master study at Delft University of Technology, he studied Civil Engineering at Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

He graduated on March 2011 under guidance of Dr. Bas Heijman and Professor Hans van Dijk at the Sanitary Engineering section of Delft University of Technology. He used a combination of ion exchange, reverse osmosis and Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) to achieve “Zero Liquid Discharges (ZLD)”. Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane is used to treat the groundwater and the produced concentrate from reverse osmosis is fed to EFC. EFC is applied as the last treatment step to eliminate the high concentrated brine into pure ice and pure salts.

Since October 15, 2011, he started to work on another membrane-related study called “OSMF” under supervision of Professor Walter van der Meer. The final aim of this project is to use the membranes as the only step for producing potable water. 


Amir Haidari

Senior Researcher