Staff general

The table above indicates the extent of the faculty’s staff, subdivided according to department and position category. The categories are full professor (FP), associate professor (AP), assistant professor (AssP), other scientific staff, PhD candidate, student teaching assistant (student-assistant) and administrative and support staff (ASS).

PhD candidates

The increase in PhD candidates has been ongoing in the past few years.

The amount of PhD candidates per professor has increased slightly in the last few years in contrast to the decreasing trend in the years before.

Looking at the departments we see some differences. The departments Hydraulic Engineering (HE) and Water Management (WM) work together with professors of Unesco/IHE. Their ftes are not included in the total amount of ftes in the graph below. This could result in a distorted picture of the amount of PhD candidates per fte full professor.

Female scientific staff

The graph below indicates the percentage of women per position category during the last few years. The percentage of female employees within the scientific staff (SS) has increased last year. The increase is caused by the increase of the percentage of female staff in the categories Other scientific staff (OSS) and Associate Professors (AP). In the other categories the gender ratio remained more or less at the same level as last year. Except for the category Assistant Professors (AssP) where we see a slight decrease in the percentage of women. The faculty will continue its active policy of increasing the number of female scientists, especially because CEG does not want to miss scientific talents.