Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulation (DARSim) research group is established in 2013 for development of advanced modelling and simulation methods for complex processes in the subsurface geological formations. These developments aim to also cast an advanced framework for efficient and safe engineering strategies under uncertainties and variations of properties (heterogeneities).

Direct applications of our developments include Geo-Energy Production (geothermal and hydrocarbon), Renewable Energy Storage as well as Greenhouse Gas Storage and Water Resource Management.  We develop methods, implement in research open-source simulators and openly disseminate our findings to the society.

DARSim is a strategic research group within the Department of Geoscience and Engineering of TU Delft which is strongly connected with Delft Subsurface Storage and Geothermal Science and Engineering Themes.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding mutual research interests.

On behalf of all DARSim faculty and research members,

Hadi Hajibeygi & Denis Voskov
Lead Principle Investigators