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Here you will find the additional measures the faculty is taking with regard to the Covid-19 virus. For all general TU Delft guidelines and measures, please visit the TU Delft information page.

Please read the CEG guidelines to help you prepare for visits to the faculty. Help each other adhere to these rules and give each other friendly reminders if the rules are not followed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




23 April 2021 | Earlier this week, the Dutch government announced a first step in the relaxation of the current corona measures, making it possible to allow more students back on campus from 26 April onwards. This means that from that date, CEG can also offer more educational activities on campus again. The availability of self-study places in our faculty was already expanded some time ago. Students and teachers will be informed about the practicalities of their planned on-campus education separately by our Eduction and Student Affairs department.

In order to ensure that this easing of measures will go as smoothly as possible, self-tests are being made available by the Ministry for students and staff. The use of self-tests is completely voluntary and is not needed as an admission ticket for education. Self-tests can be ordered digitally and are free of charge. More information can be found here (at this moment only available in Dutch). We call on everyone to make good use of these self-tests, because this can help in the prevention and control of Covid-19. Even with the use of self-tests, the current corona measures within our faculty still apply and it is important to continue to observe them for your own and other people's health.

If one of the persons present during a lecture on campus tests positive for corona, the guidelines defined by the RIVM apply: According to these guidelines, persons present during a lecture are defined as 'other contacts' and do not need to take further measures if they have kept a distance of one and a half metre from each other.

We are happy that as of 26 April, we will be able to offer our students more educational activities on campus and that a few days later, we will also be able to do more in our personal lives as well. Like everyone else, we hope that this is the first step towards more and more activities on our campus.

You will find the general and specific guidelines for employees, students and visitors on the top of this page.

Previous corona updates have been archived on the employee portal.