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10 April 2019

TU Delft publishes vision on Climate Action

The climate is changing and this is something we shall have to deal with. What TU wants to contribute is written down in a vision paper published today.

10 April 2019

TU Delft cooperates with Vietnam in training water professionals

Over the next three years, Delft University of Technology will support Vietnam in training water management professionals. The ‘Climate Proof Vietnam’ programme was officially launched on Wednesday in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

28 March 2019

Did Mesdag ‘forget’ to paint part of Scheveningen?

Bij het schilderen van zijn Panorama in 1881, lijkt Hendrik Willem Mesdag een stuk van Scheveningen vergeten te hebben.

22 March 2019

Building with Nature: Common cordgrass and grassweed help dikes

Vegetated foreshores can strongly reduce wave loads on coastal dikes, meaning these dikes may not have to be built so high. On Wednesday 27 March, Vincent Vuik will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on this subject.

15 March 2019

Exhibition Panorama Mesdag and TU Delft: ‘Vanaf het hoogste punt: Landmeten in Mesdags tijd’ [From the highest point: land surveying in Mesdag's day]

28 February 2019

Four subjects TU Delft in worldwide top 10 QS Subject ranking

In the World University Rankings by Subject 2019, published last week, TU Delft has four subjects in the top ten. In this ranking 'Civil' is on place 4. This top position is unchanged since the previous ranking.

14 February 2019

The importance of fundamental glass research

The TU Delft Glass and Transparency group received the Encouragement Glass Award from Bouwend Nederland. The award acknowledges the importance of fundamental academic glass research to develop new solutions for the future.