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05 March 2021

Online Career Café 17 March 2021: Learn from the career experiences of TU Delft Alumni

TU Delft Career & Counselling Services together with the Alumni Relations Office invite you to join our fourth online Career Café on Wednesday evening 17 March. You will have the opportunity to learn from the career experiences of TU Delft Alumni.

26 February 2021

Join AeroDelft!

Have you always dreamed of making a real sustainable impact with your engineering skills? Now is your chance! Join AeroDelft as an engineer or manager, and help develop the world’s first manned liquid hydrogen electric aircraft!

26 February 2021

ESA proceeds with TU Delft mission proposal

After several years of in-depth studies involving several candidates, ESA has decided to take TU Delft’s mission idea Harmony to the final decisive phase for the Earth Explorer 10 satellite mission. Harmony will address key scientific questions related to ocean, ice and land dynamics. If the final phase is completed successfully, Harmony is expected to be launched into orbit around 2030. Dr. Paco López-Dekker from the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Department, was the lead proposer of Harmony and serves as principal investigator.

15 February 2021

New research shines light on future directions for cities on sustainability and climate action

What’s in a word? ‘Smart’, ‘eco’ or ‘future’ cities? Around the world, numerous city initiatives have sprung up in recent years to signal their engagement with sustainable development and global climate change action. But what is the difference between these and other city labels? Are some more important than others? And how will they develop in the coming 50 years?

01 February 2021

Aerosol particles cool the climate less than we thought

De invloed van aerosolen in de atmosfeer op wolken en het klimaat is mogelijk anders dan eerder werd gedacht, concludeert wolkenonderzoeker Franziska Glassmeier.