Bend and Break


In this intensive minor you come to grips with structures used in civil construction and infrastructure. You will learn about the specific properties and potential applications of both new and recycled building materials. Examples include concrete, glass, plaster, cement, steel, asphalt, the dynamic interaction between train and rails and the failure mechanics of thin-walled structures. You will work together with a group of people from different departments to come up with solutions, analyse them and then build and test them in the lab. Workshops and lectures will provide support and background information. Learning about the various specific fields will help you to put what you have learned into its context. Important goals are to learn about construction materials, acquire experimental skills, gain experience of construction disciplines and learn how to work well in a small group. These experiences can help build your self-confidence for when you later encounter construction materials and structures in civil engineering.

Bend and Break

For whom?

BSc Students from Leiden and Erasmus with preknowledge of Mechanica and materials
BSc students TU Delft: Bk, CT, IO, LR, MT, TA, TN, Wb, EE, TI
BSc students TU/e and UTwente

What will you learn

In Bend and Break you will learn about construction materials and how to design and analyse civil engineering structures. You will build and test your own test pieces. You will experience for yourself whether your design and materials behave just as you expected, or show unpredictable behaviour. This is the kind of experience you need in making responsible decisions concerning civil engineering designs, and to be able to make a more considered choice from among the new or recycled construction materials available.

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Students about this minor:

“When conducting the tests, the variety of failure mechanisms was highly educational.”

“It's important to agree together how you will check each other's work, because you don't want to find a calculation error when you've already reached the construction or testing phase.”

“It's a fantastic experience when a structure that you've designed and built yourself from scratch performs well in the tests."


“Thinking outside the box to create the best design.”