Project Management: from Nano to Mega

It is often said that today's society has become 'projectified'. We want to create ever-more-complicated products on an ever-larger scale, yet we still want them to be unique. Project management is the ideal way to organise the realisation of this diversity of products. This minor deals with all aspects of project management. With the help of examples from practice, ranging from nano-industry to megaprojects, you will gain a greater understanding of this discipline.   

Minor code: CT-MI-174

Language: English

For students from:
All TU Delft BSc students with an interest in the management aspects of technical projects.
Students from other universities who have an interest in the management aspects of technical projects. 

Max. participants: 80

The first quarter of the minor begins with the basic principles of project management. You will look at the legal aspects and the economic usefulness and necessity of projects. You will also work with a team on a group assignment, and experience for yourself what it is like to work in a project team.
In quarter 2 you will deepen your knowledge of project management by linking it to process management and decision-making theory.

In addition you will test the knowledge you have acquired on various examples from practice. This involves studying applications from the nano-industry, traditional production industry and ICT but also, for example, bituminous-sand projects from the oil and gas sector, and public-infrastructure megaprojects.

  • You will learn the basic aspects of project management for technical projects. Project skills will also be covered, since you will be working in a multidisciplinary team.
  • You will be given many examples of project management practice in different technical domains.
  • You will learn how to write a thorough project plan for a project that relates to your Bachelor's programme.

Many of the TU Delft lecturers have extensive experience in executing projects in various levels of Dutch industry such as Shell, TNO, AT Osborne and ASML. There are no further entry requirements for the minor, but students must be able to demonstrate an affinity with technology.


Dr. Ir. Marian Bosch-Rekveldt

Student experiece

  • “It really broadened my view, compared to my technical Bachelor program”.
  • “The minor gave me a good impression about project management in real companies”.


  • What are key factors for technical projects?
  • What is “fit-for-purpose” projectmanagement?