Seminar with Prof. Jia Hu

You are cordially invited to the hEAT Lab Seminar on 1st July 2022, 15:00-16.00hr CET. Prof. Jia Hu from Tongji University will give a talk on Modeling System Dynamics of Mixed Traffic with Partial Connected and Automated Vehicles. In the following, you can find the meeting registration link as well as more information about the seminar and the presenter.

DATE: Friday, 1st July, 2022
TIME: 3:00 to 4:00 pm CET
SPEAKER: Prof. Jia Hu from Tongji University, China
TITLE: Modeling System Dynamics of Mixed Traffic with Partial Connected and Automated Vehicles 

Attend the online seminar upon pre-registration

This research aims to model system dynamics for mixed traffic flow consisting of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and Human-driven Vehicles (HVs). It quantifies the impact of CAVs’ speed change on the overall traffic state on a real-time basis. The model describes the impedance of CAVs’ speed reduction on traffic flow and considers the impact of potential additional lane change induced by the speed reduction. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed model, a VISSIM based microscopic simulation evaluation is performed. The results confirm that the accuracy of the proposed model is generally over 80% with the CAVs’ speed reduction constrained within 20 km/h. Sensitivity analysis is conducted in terms of various CAV penetration rates and congestion levels. The proposed model demonstrates consistently good performance across all CAV penetration rates and congestion levels. A showcase is presented to show the effect of the system dynamics in active traffic management. The proposed model could serve as the foundation of CAV based traffic management applications, such as variable speed limit and speed harmonization.


Dr. Jia Hu works as a ZhongTe Distinguished Chair in Cooperative Automation in the College of Transportation Engineering at Tongji University. Before joining Tongji, he was a research associate at the Federal Highway Administration, USA (FHWA). He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Vehicle, American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Transportation Engineering, IEEE Open Journal in Intelligent Transportation Systems, an assistant editor of the Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, an advisory editorial board member for the Transportation Research Part C, an associate editor for IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium since 2018, and an associate editor for IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference since 2019. Furthermore, he is a member of TRB (a division of the National Academies) Vehicle Highway Automation Committee, Freeway Operation Committee and Simulation subcommittee of Traffic Signal Systems Committee, and a member of CAV Impact Committee and Artificial Intelligence Committee of ASCE Transportation and Development Institute.

Jia Hu

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