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On  April 13th  2021, the TU Delft launched an extensive Climate Action Programme, focusing not only on additional investments in research and education but also improving the sustainability of the TU Delft campus. For the next ten years TU Delft will allocate 22 million euro to set up and further shape this extensive programme.

In April 2019, TU Delft published its vision document outlining the need for far-reaching action on climate. This new Climate Action Programme builds extensively and in concrete terms on the vision document, featuring plans for research, education, action on climate on TU Delft campus and cooperation with the worlds of politics and industry. Prof Herman Russchenberg will act as chair/scientific director of the programme and Pro Vice Rector Climate Action.

The Climate Action program is institution-wide and functions as a platform for climate (related) research, education and innovation. We work closely with all eight faculties. Under the banner of the four overarching themes, additional scientists will be recruited from mid-2021 to work on climate solutions in the flagship research programmes.

Contact information

Herman Russchenberg

Pro Vice Rector Climate Action/ Voorzitter Climate Action programme

Maaike Damen

Climate Action and Energy Programme coordinator

Marie Kummerlowe

Climate Action Programme Coordinator

Pier Sybesma

Academic Lead Climate Science

Marjolein van Esch

Academic Lead Climate change adaptation

Tatiana Filatova

Academic Lead Climate change governance

David Vermaas

Academic Lead Climate change mitigation

Andy van de Dobbelsteen

Academic Lead Operations/sustainability coordinator

Hans Hellendoorn

Academic Lead Education

Behnam Taebi

Academic Lead Climate Action Hub Den Haag

Marcel van der Klaauw

Climate Action Hub Den Haag

Marjan Kreijns

Lead Impact and Innovation

Corinne van Voorden

Innovation & Impact Manager

Anne van de Poel

Innovation & Impact Centre

Inge Snijder

Communication & press

Eveline Zeegers

Communication & Events