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About us

About us

After a period of worldwide lockdowns due to COVID-19, many countries are taking the first steps towards 'the new normal'. The decisions that shape our transition to this new normal are taken under great uncertainty, on the basis of limited evidence, and while new insights are constantly becoming available. However, these decisions will have a long-term or even lasting impact on our societies.

Digital technologies will play an important role in the coming years in combating the pandemic and the social and economic crises resulting from it. They can support informed decision-making, for example by providing insight into the spread and containment of the coronavirus, the impact of social distancing on our mobility, the desired and actual effects of various government measures, our attitude and behaviour towards those measures, and the role that our values play in the transition to our new normal.

Together with governments, healthcare professionals and many public and private institutions, researchers at TU Delft are therefore creating scientific insights and smart solutions that shape our transition to the new normal in the coming critical years. On this website, we share our latest insights. 


I. (Ilona) van den Brink


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