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04 November 2020

Vidi grants for four leading TU Delft researchers

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded four TU Delft researchers a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros.

02 November 2020

Flags at half-mast for free and safe education

On Monday 2 November, French schools will commemorate the attack on Samuel Paty and with that the attack on free and safe education. That is why the flags on Dutch university buildings, including those of TU Delft, will also be flying at half-mast. Pieter Duisenberg, President of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands: “The horrific murder of Samuel Paty unfortunately shows once again that we must continue to stress the importance of freedom of speech. This is a great good, certainly in education, for which we must all stand firm. Teachers worldwide must be able to do their job without fear or pressure.”

02 November 2020

Eight Best Graduates nominated for TU Delft Best Graduates 2020

Today, 3 November 2020, Delft University Fund announced the eight TU Delft Best Graduates 2020. Each year, TU Delft’s eight faculties nominate their Best Graduate. On 17 November, during the TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony 2020, one of these eight nominees will receive the prestigious title TU Delft Best Graduate 2020.

30 October 2020

Delft student numbers increase despite coronavirus

TU Delft continues to attract increasing numbers of students. At the start of October, provisional figures showed that there were 27,256 registered students, compared to 26,187 last year – a rise of approximately 4 percent, slightly lower than the national trend.

29 October 2020

Night Watch scanned in 3D for the first time

28 October 2020

Cybercriminals don’t simply buy their technology off the shelf

The fear that cybercriminals can easily purchase the technical capabilities they need on underground marketplaces is unfounded

28 October 2020

Super asphalt lasts longer

Asphalt concrete is a great material for road surfacing purposes but it’s not always the most sustainable of options. Sandra Erkens, professor of Pavement Engineering Practice, is looking for ways of predicting and extending the lifespan of both existing and new pavement materials. Epoxy asphalt may well hold the key to more durable road surfaces. The end of October should see the start of the construction of a trial section on a Noord-Holland road to put the new super asphalt through its paces.

26 October 2020

Three million enrolments for online courses at TU Delft

The MOOCs give people around the world access to TU Delft’s teaching.

13 October 2020

Ground mussel shells for 3D printing

Marita Sauerwein shows that 3D printing and reprinting using locally sourced sustainable and natural raw materials is a viable option in a circular economy.

01 October 2020

‘AI hub Zuid-Holland’ takes off

The region Zuid-Holland will be setting up the ‘AI hub Zuid-Holland’. This network organisation will be realising a single point of contact for business and knowledge institutes in South Holland who want to work with Artificial Intelligence (AI).