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12 September 2018

The Physiology of Impenetrable Skin: Colossus of the X-Men

One superpower that gains constant attention is that of impenetrability, a power possessed by superheroes like Luke Cage, Wonder Woman, Superman and Colossus. In a recent paper in Advances in Physiology Education, Barry W. Fitzgerald considers how Colossus’ skin might work.

11 September 2018

Improved ultrasound device makes images of carotid artery in real time

Researcher Maysam Shabanimotlagh has brought important improvements in ultrasound measurement a step closer. On Wednesday 12 September, he will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on this technology.

03 September 2018

25th edition Best Professor Award received by Cees Dekker

On Monday 3 September, Cees Dekker, Professor of Molecular Biophysics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS) received the Best Professor Award 2018.

29 August 2018

Delft biotech pioneer Mark van Loosdrecht receives Stockholm Water Prize

Professors Mark van Loosdrecht (Delft University of Technology) and Bruce Rittmann (Arizona State University) will both receive the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize today for revolutionizing water and wastewater treatment. By developing microbiological processes in wastewater treatment, they have demonstrated the possibilities to cut costs, reduce energy consumption and even recover chemicals and nutrients for recycling.

23 August 2018

PULSE teaching building opens

With the number of students increasing every year and the growing need to accommodate state-of-the art teaching and learning methods, TU Delft has developed its new PULSE teaching building right at the heart of the campus.

17 August 2018

First large-scale market analysis of underground cybercrime economy

Cybercrime is easier to carry out as more and more online criminal services (commodities) become available. TU Delft researcher Rolf van Wegberg investigated the extent and growth of this specific online underground economy.

16 August 2018

Two million registrations for TU Delft MOOCs

TU Delft recorded its two-millionth registration for its free online courses (MOOCs). TU Delft now offers a range consisting of 88 MOOCs. Solar Energy was the first and has so far had 206,000 registrations.

06 August 2018

Students from Delft and Amsterdam testing high-tech bicycle on F-16 runway

The Human Power Team, a student project of the TU Delft and the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, tested on Sunday 5 August their new aerodynamic bicycle: the VeloX 8.

30 July 2018

Scientists to help Twitter gain insight into quality of online discussions

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Leiden University, Syracuse University, Bocconi University and Delft University of Technology has obtained a grant from Twitter to research and develop tools to help identify behaviors that threaten the quality of the discussions on that social media platform. In the team, TU Delft researcher Nava Tintarev (Delft University of Technology) will assess the presence of echo chambers.

27 July 2018

ERC Starting Grants for seven TU Delft researchers

The European Research Council has awarded ERC Starting Grants to seven TU Delft researchers. The grants (1,5 million euros for a five-year programme) are intended to support scientists who are in the early stages of their career and have already produced excellent supervised work.