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28 March 2019

Did Mesdag ‘forget’ to paint part of Scheveningen?

Bij het schilderen van zijn Panorama in 1881, lijkt Hendrik Willem Mesdag een stuk van Scheveningen vergeten te hebben.

28 March 2019

Excellent evaluation report for QuTech

An international review committee, chaired by professor Robbert Dijkgraaf, is ‘unreservedly positive about the success of QuTech in the past, and fully endorses the institute in the years to follow’.

27 March 2019

TU Delft students win second round of GoFly competition

Silverwing, a team of students from TU Delft, is one of the five winners of the second round of the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing.

26 March 2019

TU Delft and AIVD start research programme on national cyber security

As our society becomes increasingly interconnected, the vulnerability to abuse of digital technology grows. To improve our understanding of the nature of the cyber threat to national security and of the technical, organisational and institutional means to address it responsibly, the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) initiate a collaborative research programme.

25 March 2019

TU Delft in 18th place on list of world's most international universities

In the new Times Higher Education ranking for Most International Universities in the World, TU Delft has maintained its 18th place, which it also held last year. The ranking is based on the following international indicators: proportion of international students, proportion of international staff, international co-authorship and international reputation.

22 March 2019

Building with Nature: Common cordgrass and grassweed help dikes

Vegetated foreshores can strongly reduce wave loads on coastal dikes, meaning these dikes may not have to be built so high. On Wednesday 27 March, Vincent Vuik will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on this subject.

21 March 2019

TU Delft and ING in AI for FinTech Lab

TU Delft and ING are joining their knowledge and expertise on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the financial sector in the AI for FinTech Lab (AFL).

15 March 2019

Exhibition Panorama Mesdag and TU Delft: ‘Vanaf het hoogste punt: Landmeten in Mesdags tijd’ [From the highest point: land surveying in Mesdag's day]

14 March 2019

Region to 5G test for digital economy

The Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam/The Hague (MRDH) is joining TU Delft, the Holland Rijnland region, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk, TNO and the Province of Zuid-Holland to invest in field-lab research into 5G applications.

14 March 2019

Elmar Eisemann to receive Dutch Prize for ICT Research 2019

He will be receiving the award for his research into the accurate, detailed depiction of visualisations using modern graphics hardware.