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19 April 2012

Publication: Regret Based Modeling

19 April 2012

International Award for nanoscientist Cees Dekker

17 April 2012

Productivity decreased in Nursing, Residential Care and Homecare

17 April 2012

Top Dutch students selected for summer in China

12 April 2012

Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle

05 April 2012

Quantum calculations rendered insensitive for disruptions

28 March 2012

Medical Delta partners launch VITALITEIT programme

22 March 2012

Oil Palm Biomass Center; industry and academia join forces to benefit economy and climate

22 March 2012

The Essence of COOL’ Symposium on 23 March

19 March 2012

Quantum process in silicon nanocrystals extracts more energy from sunlight

19 March 2012

Flower still life by Vincent van Gogh rediscovered

06 March 2012

Stress test results: Delft Reactor Institute is safe

06 March 2012

Nanoscientist Ronald Hanson wins European physics prize

05 March 2012

‘Open Education can’t be stopped’

28 February 2012

TU Delft climate research integrated in new institute

27 February 2012

NightBalance relieves apnoea patients of extreme tiredness

09 February 2012

Light tables have positive effect on mood of elderly dementia patients

06 February 2012

VICI grant to develop surgical ‘mechanical octopus tentacle’ further

27 January 2012

TU Delft’s Professor Erik Jan Hultink at absolute world top

27 January 2012

Cell's nuclear lamina provides scaffold for DNA

26 January 2012

TU Delft students present home care robot

20 January 2012

Thesis award for surgical rongeur

19 January 2012

TU Delft gas researcher Weijermars launches journal Energy Strategy Reviews

19 January 2012

Trailer with aerodynamic tail reduces fuel consumption by 6%

13 January 2012

‘Culture of inspecting industrial installations flawed’

02 January 2012

TU Delft process technology integrated in new institute