D:DREAM TopTrack is an educational programme especially designed for student teamswith a D:DREAM status. This programme is open for Dreamteam members who are alsoenrolled at a Dutch University or University of Applied Sciences.

The five objectives of TopTrack are:

1. Coaching core team members to help them complete their self-assigned roles and tasks

2. Archiving past efforts by having core team members record work done

3. Training all team members an array of training possibilities throughout the year

4. Rewarding students with a certificate as proof of their participation as a core member in aD:DREAM team

5. Showcasing the added value of the D:DREAM Hall in the education of students to externalparties

The programme is centred around a final certificate, which serves as proof of participation inTopTrack. This certificate describes the modules a team member successfully completed andthe work done.

D:DREAM modules are short courses targeting the specific needs of D:DREAM teams. Module participation is mentioned on the Toptrack certificate. The modules deal with management skills or e.g. specific technical skills of team members. Examples of modules would be a milling module or a FEM module. Successful participation in modules is tracked via the registration system.

Students who participate in the TopTrack programme are required to draw up a personal development plan and to document their efforts. This is done in three phases, given in figure 1:

·  Kick-off
·  Mid-term review
·  Final review

The kick-off consists of a report containing the motivation of the student and his objectives in the team. A student receives brief written feedback on his kick-off document.

After the kick-off the team member starts with his work in the team until the moment of the mid-term review. In the mid-term report, the student evaluates how well he/she is on track in achievinghis objectives. This time the student also receives oral feedback from lecturers. A first documentationdraft has to be handed in.

After the mid-term review the team member continues with his work in the team. At the final reviewthe team member hands in a reflective report on the achievement of his objectives and a set ofdocumentation in which he/she documents his work done in the team. The report and paper arereviewed by lecturers during an oral review session or symposium.

The time at which the kick-off, mid-term review and final review take place is decided when the planning of the teams is known.

In which ways does participation benefit me?

Participation in TopTrack will help you to focus on your objectives and to make sure that your keep a critical view towards your own plans and work. Through multiple assessment moments you will learn to reflect on your role in the team and you will document your work in the team. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to learn/improve (new) skills through the D:DREAM modules. And last but not least you will be rewarded with a document as proof of your participation in a DREAM team, which also documents your personal development within the year of participation.

How can I apply?

Go to the Dream Hall organization on the TU Delft Brightspace website and register as a team member. After this, a TopTrack enrollment link can be found via the menu.

Can I participate more than one time?

No, the programme has been designed for one time participation. During the programme a student learns to formulate his own objectives and to reflect on the fulfilment of these objectives. Furthermore, the student is coached in reporting the work he/she did for his team. Successful completion of the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme means that a student has met these learning objectives. Participating more than one time in the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme therefore does not have any added value for a student and is therefore not supported.

Can I drop out without consequences?

Yes, it is possible to drop out of the TopTrack.D:DREAM programme, with no other consequences than that you will not get a document of participation. In case you decide to do so, you have to send an e-mail to at your earliest convenience, explaining the reason why you have decided to drop out.

How much time will it cost me?

It is estimated that a student will need between 16 and 32 hours to participate in the TopTrack.D:DREAM. This is time spent next to participation in modules and time spent on actual work in the team.

Is there a minimum time requirement?

Not directly, but you must be a full-time Dreamteam member. This means that you are not allowed to receive more than 15 ECTS credits from courses while doing TopTrack.

My question is not mentioned here?

Please, send an e-mail to The subject of your e-mail should read: “Question <Your question?>”.