Welcome to the D:DREAM Hall


Visiting address

Stevinweg 4
2628CN Delft

Courier address

Stevinweg 1
2628CN Delft


Guided Tours

Beware that due to the current situation with COVID-19 and a reorganisation of the D:DREAM hall there will be no guided tours until further notice. 

Tours are organised on working days between 09:30 and 18:00. If you are interested in a tour behind the scenes of the D:DREAM Hall, please contact our specialised tour guides by to discuss the details of your visit.

There are two options for a standard tour: a 30-minutes or a 60-minutes visit. Every tour starts with a brief explanation of the hall and the concept of a 'D:DREAM team'. This is followed by a visit to the workshop of one of the D:DREAM teams, where a team member will elaborate on their mission, plan and goals of the project. In case of a 60-minutes visit, there is time for three workshop visits after the introduction. You are of course welcome to ask questions for either the tour guide or the team members at any time.

When requesting a tour, please keep in mind that the limit of visitors we can handle is 40 visitors at a time. If you wish to visit with a larger group or different timings and duration, feel free to inquire so we can make tailored arrangements.

If any of the teams are of specific interest to you, be sure to let us know, so we can try to arrange a visit to their workshops.

Managing Director D:DREAM Hall

F.P.M. van der Meijden

Map and accessibility

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Highway A13 (Den Haag - Rotterdam). Junction 10: Delft Zuid. Junction TU-wijk and follow the signs TU Delft. Go right to the Schoemakerstraat. There you can take the first left and turn left again right away for the parking 'Bouwkunde'. If you take the second junction left at the Schoemakerstraat you can park at the 'Aula'.

  • From NS station Delft RETbus 40 (direction Rotterdam CS) to busstop "Cornelis Drebbelweg"
  • From NS station Delft bus 69 (direction TU Zuid) to busstop "Stieltjesweg"
  • From NS station Delft bus 121 (direction Zoetermeer, Centrum West) to busstop "Aula"