D:DREAM Hall closed until further notice

As a result of the corona crisis the D:DREAM Hall will be closed until further notice. This means that both students and employees will be unable to access the building until then. If possible work will continue from home, other activities will be suspended temporarily. Unfortunately there is no certainty about when the Hall will be fully accessible again. The D:DREAM management is assessing the situation with the university's policy makers on a daily basis and will follow the Dutch government's guidelines.

Unfortunately the virus will also have a large impact on the D:DREAM teams. Every year they are working hard to succeed under their tight schedules. Unfortunately the coronavirus crisis has already led to the cancellation of some competitions, while others are surrounded by uncertainty. Some teams are still trying to work from home, while others were forced to take a break. We are not yet sure about the long term consequences and of course this will also be different per team. 

On behalf of the D:DREAM Hall management we wish everyone the best during these difficult times and we will keep you updated about the effects of the coronavirus on the D:DREAM Hall via this page.