Sign Up a New Special Project

This sign up form describes the registration process for a Special Project.

Criteria Special Projects

The TU Delft | Dream Hall offers the opportunity to facilitate a number of other projects in addition to the TU Delft | Dream Teams. These projects, which will be further referred to as “Special Projects”, must meet certain conditions.

The most important conditions are:

  • This is a one-off project with a maximum duration of 6 months.
  • This is a multidisciplinary project that cannot be easily facilitated by/from a faculty or elsewhere on campus.
  • The project goal serves a social interest.
  • The TU Delft | Dream Hall should be able to facilitate the project.
  • Project responsibility must be clearly assigned (management and supervision).

The project must score sufficiently on:

  • Uniqueness/originality of the project theme and project goal.
  • Degree of technological challenge and innovation.
  • Achievability of the project (technical, organizational and financial).
  • Acceptable security risk inherent in the subject matter of the project/project objective.

In contrast to the TU Delft | Dream Teams' projects, such a Special Project may be part of an educational program (as long as it is an interfaculty project).

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