Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing Team Delft is the pioneer hydrogen racing team of Delft University of Technology that promotes hydrogen in mobility since 2007. The ultimate goal: a clean, zero-emission future of transport.  

As a serious contender for high-tech petrol racing cars, Forze raises awareness for clean mobility by combining motorsport and sustainable technologies. For this reason, the Forze VI was built: world's first racecar powered by hydrogen. With this car, Forze has set the fastest lap record on circuit Zandvoort. With a lap time of 2:04:51 minutes, the Forze VI beated the Tesla Roadster. Furthermore, the Forze VI has been the fastest hydrogen powered car on the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany with a lap time of 2:05:45 minutes.

By racing against petrol powered cars, Forze can show the true power and potential of hydrogen. With that intention, Forze has built its newest car: the Forze VII. Fifty passionate students and many partner companies have worked closely together to build this state-of-the-art vehicle. Never before has a hydrogen powered car competed against conventional petrol racecars. By using high-end technologies and innovative designs, Forze shows the potential of hydrogen as the futures driving force. 

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Forze Delft
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