The Delft University of Technology is well known for its successful student teams. These TU Delft | Dream Teams are solely managed by the motivated students themselves. With every year a completely new international and interdisciplinary team, they participate in competitions to put technical innovation on the map that contributes to a better future. There is also a number of student teams that are involved in Special Projects in smaller groups and for a shorter period of time. From team management, to designing and producing their inventions, it all happens at TU Delft | Dream Hall. Because at this location, located on the TU Delft campus, young engineers make dreams come true. Together with the staff members of the TU Delft | Dream Hall, the TU Delft | Dream Teams and Special Project Teams form the D:DREAM community, where D:DREAM stands for 'Delft: Dream Realization of Extremely Advanced Machines'. This website presents all the information about D:DREAM, our teams and the hall, so look around and discover!

Click below to find out what our Dream Teams do and how they fight for a better future.

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