Living coffin enriches nature

The Living Cocoon, the world’s first living coffin, is all about becoming one with nature.

Developed by the Delft start-up Loop, it is made from mycelium. This living organism normally grows underground in the complex root structure of trees, plants and fungi.

“Mycelium ensures that everything that dies is efficiently transformed into new plant food”, explains Loop founder Bob Hendrikx. ‘Nature’s biggest recycler, mycelium, is constantly looking for waste materials to convert into nutrients for the environment. It does this with toxic substances, including oil, plastic and metal.”

Because of these properties, the Living Cocoon can dissolve within 45 days when placed in the ground. “Thanks to the mycelium, the body decomposes faster and damaging substances in our body and in the ground are neutralised. So, instead of polluting the earth, we enrich it, enabling new life to come forth.” The idea is catching on – more than fifty people have already been buried in the mycelium coffin.